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Meet the boys.

Born out of outlaw country culture, cured with elements of whiskey soaked rock n roll, and blended with just the right amount of exploratory jams, Oak Steel and Lightning delivers a new spin on outlaw cosmic country. With a full and rich sound that will seem familiar yet fresh, OSL delivers the goods and leaves you wanting more.

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Wayne Imboden


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Ryan Kemp


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Andy Grossi


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Drew Lance



Book 'em.

Take one part greasy "geetar", one part rumblin' bass and one part thunderin' drums. Spirinkle some sweet, sweet fiddle...and a touch of rootin' tootin' pedal steel on top. Mix it all together with gutsy, authentic vocals and you've got yourself a new sound in these parts.

Oak Steel & Lightning takes the crowd on a journey through outlaw country, rock, blues, exploratory jams, and more, all in the name of havin' a good time.